HYCHAIN Testnet Faucet

This faucet sends 0.025 $TOPIA to an account address on the HYCHAIN testnet.
You can use it to pay transaction fees.


How do I use this?
To request funds, simply enter your wallet address and hit “Send Request”. We support wallet addresses and ETH Mainnet ENS domains as receiving addresses.
How does it work?
You can request 0.025 $TOPIA every 24 hours without any authentication. The receiving wallet must also have less than 0.1 $TOPIA.
What is this testnet faucet?
This HYCHAIN faucet is a developer tool to get testnet $TOPIA in order to test and troubleshoot your decentralized application or protocols before going live on HYCHAIN mainnet, where one must use real $TOPIA.
What are $TOPIA testnet tokens?
$TOPIA testnet tokens are a test token that allows you to test your application on the HYCHAIN testnet before going live on HYCHAIN mainnet.
What is the RPC URL for HYCHAIN Testnet?
You can use the following RPC URL to connect to HYCHAIN Testnet: